• Gas used
  • Usual conditions: CO2
  • High altitude flights or winter conditions: Argon
  • Sealed initiator without any impact on the material
  • Striker and cartridges compliant with the IATA directive (2.3.A) therefore transportable in the hold of aircraft
  • Plated to the pod of the parachute, retains the damping of the airbag of the harness



Production forSupair Altirando 3

Production: Helite Airbag Technology Expert

  • Perfect congruence between the airbag and the emergency pocket preventing any intrusion of the lines
  • Easy repositioning
  • Reduced space occupied in the emergency pocket
  • Substitution of the volume of the pod ejected by the ejection airbag avoiding any depression of the protective airbag of the harness


  • Easily accessible in case of stress situation
  • Continuous testing of the battery charge and continuity of the impactor
  • Connection to a trigger at any point of the harness or remote control (SIV internship, test, ...)

Trigger handle on the shoulder strap

Mounting on the harness

  • Does not require any modification of the harness.
  • Can be mounted on most harnesses
  • Rescue handle retained
  • Very simple assembly and repacking
  • Weight of about 200 grams

Harness before ejection

Bolster after ejection