Test No. Misc_134.2019 directed on August 14, 2019 by the Paragliding Test Laboratory, Paragling Sellettes and Relightening Parachute Air Turquoise SA demonstrates the compatibility of emergency parachute extraction with LTF NFL II 91/09 Section 6.1.5.

Innovation Award: ICARE Cup 2019

On four nominees, the jury chose to focus on safety voting for the Ejector sky.
What the jury says : “Attempts to innovate around the spare launch for paragliders have been numerous in the past. Indeed, in the event of an incident in flight, in normal times, the parachute sometimes puts several seconds before opening up, or opens badly, which causes many accidents.

The association of a pugnace inventor, Jean-Philippe Gallat, and a large paraglider brand, Sky Paragliders, has borne fruit and offers a very innovative, lightweight and easy-to-use product.

The Sky Ejector allows the Parapentist in difficulty to eject his rescue parachute with force in half a second thanks to a CO2 cartridge that triggers an airbag. The parachute is then propelled out of its housing and can be effective even at low altitude.
A real big step for the safety of practice! “


Sky paragliders - Reversal 4

Supair - Altirando 4