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paragliding.tech develops a remote control that allows an instructor on the ground to activate the rescue parachute if a student is in trouble.

Ejector Design

• Gas used: CO2
• Sealed initiator without any impact on the material
• Pecter and cartridges according to the IATA (2.3.a) directive so transportable in airplane
• Parachute Pod Plated, retains the amortization of the airbag of the saddle

• Perfect congruence between the airbag and the relief pocket preventing any intrusion of the lines
• Easy delivery
• Reduced place occupied in the hot seat
• Substitution of the volume of the pod ejected by the ejection airbag avoiding any depression of the protective airbag of the saddle

The striker and airbag have been developed in collaboration with Helite, manufacturer and expert on airbag technology for motorcycle, horse riding, senior and urban mobility. Proof of its reliability, the same device is now proposed on the grinding ulm trolleys the seagull.

• Easily accessible in case of stressful situation
• Permanently testing the battery charge and continuity of the impactor
• Connecting to a trigger at any point of the harness or to a remote control (SIV course, test, …)