Ejector for rescue parachute

a new step in paragliding and paramotor safety

  • Ultra fast ejection by airbag
  • Triggered by a handle on the chest strap
  • Highly reliable
  • Compatible with your harnesses
  • Very light
  • Manufactured by the world leader in sport airbags

Its simplicity guarantees its effectiveness and reliability

The pod, placed at the bottom of the emergency pocket, is ejected by an airbag at a speed of 10 meters per second.

Airbag expansion

Elastic and deformable pins release the flaps without damaging the harness. The manual emergency handle remains in place and operational.

Shutter opening with manual handle retained

The release is ensured by a small trigger connected to a handle implanted on the ventral strap or the shoulder strap (D or G).

Can be installed on almost all harnesses without modification.

All the tests (FFVL, DHV, air turquoise) on Youtube: paragliding.tech

Rock The Outdoor

Available at the Icare Cup

Stand B11 : RockTheOutdoor

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