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Prix Jean-Marc Mouligné



paragliding.tech is very honored by the receipt of the Jean Marc Mouligné 2019 prize awarded at the Coupe Icare for the invention of its emergency parachute ejector, price shared with Sky paragliders.

Born in Lyon, this idea was realized in collaboration with the company Hélite in Dijon, leader of the airbags of safety and thanks to the support of the Sky Paragliders team in the Czech Republic, in particular that of its swiss designer Alexandre Paux .

paragliding.tech thank them warmly.

Jean Philippe GALLAT was very moved to receive this award in tribute to Jean-Marc Mouligné, tireless innovator in the field of free flight and see his invention among all these innovations.

paragliding.tech thanks the organizers of the Icare Cup and all its volunteers who, year after year, offer an event allowing everyone to immerse themselves in free flight in all its forms and companies to propose their innovations in terms of performance and safety .

paragliding.tech has set itself the goal that every paraglider, paramotorist or deltist will be able to take advantage of this device in the harness or harness that he has chosen among the diversity of ranges proposed by the manufacturers.

For paragliding and paramotor

The test n° MISC_134.2019 carried out on August 14, 2019 by the test laboratory for paragliding, paragliding harnesses and rescue parachute AIR TURQUOISE SA demonstrates the compatibility of the rescue parachute extraction with the LTF NfL II standard 91/09 section 6.1.5.


Test document