Ejector for rescue parachute

Paragliding, paramotor, hang gliding

A study published by the swiss insurance company SUVA shows that paragliding is one of the top 5 sports causing serious after-effects or death with a high prevalence among young paragliders.

Proportion of accidents resulting in serious after-effects or death:

  • Horseback riding: 4.1
  • Combat sports: 5.5
  • Cycling: 5.7
  • Motor vehicles (quad, motocross): 7.5
  • Paragliding: 17.4

After five years of studies and prototyping, free flight and ultralight pilots will be able to secure their flights with the Rescue Ejector.

Rescue Ejector will be available at the next Coupe Icare 2022.

* https://www.suva.ch

Ejector for handicare trolleys

In collaboration with PASSAGERS DU VENT paragliding school du vent paragliding schoo l and Clément's team, we have realizeda rescue parachute  connected to a remote control for an adapted cart.

Congratulations Clément !!

Remote control for schools and FIS

A remote control for schools and flight incident courses (SIV) is finalized and will be available in early 2023.


  • Security by digital standard IEEE_802.15.4
  • Visual range: 2.4 km
  • Simple successive pairing of students


Coming soon: Automatic pairing by GPS positioning

Parachute ejector for drone

Safety parachute ejector for any size drone.

  • Triggered by pyrotechnic cutter ensuring immediate deployment
  • Mechanical cut-off of the motor power supply ensuring a decoupling between the ejection remote control and the drone control.