• Gas used
  •    Usual conditions: CO2
  •    High altitude flights or winter conditions: Argon
  • Sealed pyrotechnic initiator without any impact on the material
  • Mechanical striker and cartridges in line with the IATA directive (2.3.A)
  • Plated to the pod of the parachute, retains the damping of the airbag of the harness


  • Perfect congruence between the airbag and the emergency pocket preventing any intrusion of the lines
  • Easy repositioning
  • Reduced space occupied in the harness
  • Expansion does not create a depression in the harness protection bag by substituting the volume of the ejected pod
  • Device ensuring reuse of the residual pressure to rebalance the pressure of the protective airbag of the harness

Making Helite Airbag Technology Expert

Adaptation for Supair Altirando 3

Pressure rebalancing device


  • Concurrent locking with the one of the ventral strap countering any forgetfulness or inadvertent triggering on the ground
  • Continuous testing of the battery charge and continuity of the impactor
  • Connection to a trigger at any point of the harness and to a remote control (SIV training test, ..)
  • In-flight audible beep check


Unlocking flaps

  • Handle system that can not be accidentally hooked and easily accessible
  • Unlocking the shutters a few milliseconds before ejecting
  • Absence of any prominent element likely to be torn off
  • Unlocking flaps dissociated from the ejection device allowing manual extraction

Adaptation for harness Supair Altirando 3

Adaptation for harness Sky Reverse 4

Handle Alpride Airbag System

Device integrable synchronization in a sewing fold

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